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Youzheng take you to feel the Chinese Spring Festival

Jan. 25, 2017

Chinese New Year is coming, Youzheng not only provide high quality custom metal stampings, deep drawing parts etc. We would like to be your sincere friend, take you to experience the Chinese new year, send our sincere blessing.

The term "pass year" is used for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). The word "Year" in Chinese characters used to mean a horrible beast. To combat the beast, the Chinese hang "good luck" wishes on red paper on the door and use fireworks in the belief that the beast fears red and fire.

The tradition is to have different main courses everyday from the 1st day of the New Year to the 15th day of the New Year, from dumplings, noodles, spring rolls, sticky rice cakes.

In the new year, we will be able to provide better products and services to select our custom casting parts and you will gain more value. Best wishes.

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