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Treatment of common problems in custom metal stamping production

May. 24, 2017

Custom metal stamping refers to the use of dies at room temperature, metal and other panels, which are shaped by the press necessary for processing and shaped into a specified shape.

Treatment of common problems in custom metal stamping production:

1, if the cutting edge is worn, the tensile stress of the material increases, and the stamping material has a tendency of turning and twisting. When the material is turned over, the punching size will become smaller.

2, the material pressure, plastic deformation of the material, will lead to larger size punching. Reduce pressure, punch size will become small.

3, the end of the edge of the punch die is inclined or curved. Because the blanking force is slow, it is difficult to produce material turning and twisting. Therefore, the size of the punch will become larger, and when the end of the punch is flat, the punching size will become smaller.

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