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Sheet metal processing and main equipment

Mar. 17, 2017

Sheet metal fabrication is a traditional cutting, blanking, bending, forming and other processing methods and process parameters.

1, Blanking equipment: general shearing machines, CNC shearing machine, laser cutting machine, CNC punch pres.

2, The forming equipment: common punching machine, mesh machine, folding bed and nc folding bed.

3, Welding equipment: argon arc welding machine, co2 protection welding machine, spot welding machine, robot welder.

4, Surface treatment equipment: wire drawing machine, sandblasting machine, polishing machine, electroplating trough, oxidation tank paint line.

5, Adjustment device: leveling machine.

6, Typical sheet metal parts processing process.

Drawing on programming blanking (cutting, punching) rushed leveling wire mesh's convex hull torn flushing pressure riveting bending welding assembly table.

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Sheet metal fabrication

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