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How to custom outdoor cabinet(one)

Aug. 31, 2016

We are the supplier of custom metal fabrications in China, We will simply introduce the process characteristics and performance of customizing the outdoor cabinet:

1. The exquisite workmanship, elegant appearance, for your project

2. Can open the door, before and after mounting plate galvanized or powder, and can move up and down 40 mm, convenient installation

3. The door is on the installation of the assembly holes of the welding has good article, direct use of M4 tapping screw, convenient in installation

4. Trough type box, polyurethane foam sealing strip, to form good protective box, IP55 protection level

5. At the bottom of the cover-plate into line, jean type box cover is equipped with a special limit bracket, convenient solid lid when they open them.

Our custom metal fabrications in the world, like custom outdoor cabinet, sheet metal fabrication, custom metal stampings, and so on, we have a wealth of experience and technology, welcome to buy!

custom metal fabrications in China

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