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stamped disk, duct fittings

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Youzheng Machinery specializes in both high and low volume metal stamping production using a variety of materials that range in size in thickness. Hard tool configurations can take the form of inexpensive punching or forming dies to very large complex fully progressive tools that become necessary to drive piece part costs down and to meet tight tolerance requirements.

Precision Metal Stamping    Progressive Die Stamping    Transfer Press Stamping   Deep Draw Stamping   Multi Slide Stamping   Flat Forms    Wire Forms


Aluminum   Stainless Steel   Nickel Plated Steel   Copper   Copper Alloys   Brass   Nickel   Nickel Alloys   Beryllium   Refractory Metals   Zinc   Niobium   Tantalum   Titanium

Secondary Operations

Cutting   Drilling   Mitering   Tapping   Chamfering   CNC Milling   Piercing   Bending   Deburring   Swaging   Welding   Notching   Paint   Powder Coat   Anodizing

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